Our Managers, Anna and Lynne, both are parents of adults on the autism spectrum. And therefore have invested their hearts and souls into providing excellent and unique services and support for adults with autism. Everything we do, is individualised, as no two people with autism are the same.

Our group sessions are based on the belief that although it can be challenging to join in a group, the rewards of friendship and communication with other similar to you are well worth it.

Our short breaks are fun but challenging, we believe that experiencing life outside your normal world with people you trust, and are friends with, really helps you to develop new life skills, such as sharing, cooperation, patience, and self worth.

Our one to one support is a unique opportunity to explore real life goals, such as managing money, working, volunteering, being more independent. People who join us as members are all unique individuals who all have hopes and dreams, we want to make those hopes and dreams work for them, becoming clearer and achievable.

Matthew telling us about his experience of using all of our services.

Posted by Autism Matters on Thursday, 10 November 2016

Meet the Team


Anna | CEO

Hi, Im Anna, I started working for Autism Matters in 2012 and have been supporting people with Autism since 1993. I am a mum of 4 including 2 adult sons with disabilities and autism. I get a real sense of achievement when i see so many people with autism using our services and letting us know what they gain from it. I never stop thinking of new ideas, and am always enthusiastic and positive, a glass half full type of person!

Likes: Being with my family, nature, space and science, good food and holidays.

Dislikes: Prejudice, violence and intolerance. Not too pleased about being cold and can’t stomach prunes!


Lynne | CFO

I am the Chief finance officer for Autism Matters.

Most days of the week i am very busy, as I work for Autism Matters and Part-Time elsewhere. I am also mum of two girls, one of my daughters has Autism. It was because of a need for good adult social groups and support for both people with Autism and the people who support, that Autism Matters was initially developed.

Living with Autism gives me a unique perspective, and understanding. For me it's about embracing differences and offering opportunities. I am very friendly and have learnt lots about autism as I have worked for other autism support organisations since 2004. My experience with my own daughter has helped me support other adults.

Likes: Holidays, spending time with family and friends, watching tv, eating out, making a difference!

Dislikes: Ironing, cheese, cold weather


Nicole | Support Worker and PA

Hi, I’m Nicole, I work as a Teaching assistant in a school for children with autism. I also have a BA honours degree in Theatre and Performance. I have a brother who has autism. I have worked for Autism Matters since 2014 and have gained many relevant qualifications in autism such as TEACCH , PECS and sensory integration. I enjoy working for Autism Matters doing one to one PA support and in the social groups

Likes: Cinema and films, TV, theatre and musicals, reading, music and shopping and spending time with family and friends

Dislikes: Heights, spicy food, cats, romantic films and cheese!


Daniel | Support Worker

Hi, I’m Daniel, I have worked with people who have autism since 2011, and with Autism Matters since 2014. I enjoy spending time with the group on all kinds of activities and love having a laugh and joke with the members. I am a good listener and happy to talk through any problems our members might have.

Likes: Music,football, dogs, holidays, golf, food, long walks and bike riding!

Dislikes: Being rushed or being late.


Vicky | Support Worker

I am Vicky, I have two children – both girls. I have worked with Autism Matters since June 2014. I grew up with family members who are on the spectrum so learned from a young age that some people have additional needs to others but also how to celebrate those traits that make us all unique. I love my job because I am passionate about facilitating friendships and a social life for our group members. I believe socialising with friends in lots of different environments is a life enhancing quality that so many people take for granted.

Likes: Spending time with friends and family, spiced rum with diet coke, and social media

Dislikes: Early mornings, rainy days, and tomatoes


Donna | PA

Hi, I’m Donna, and have been working for Autism Matters as a PA during school holiday times. I am a full time carer for my son who has autism. I also support two adults with disabilities in their own home, and have worked as a volunteer in a special school. I am a qualified hairdresser and have also had experience working as a merchandiser.I enjoy working for Autism Matters, i can use my experience as a mum to support people.

Likes: Reading, shopping, socialising with family and friends,music films TV and a good cup of tea!

Dislikes: Cheese, cats and mice, fairground rides and heights.


Charlotte | Support Worker PA

Hi I'm Charlotte, a full time primary school teacher and I live with my partner in Billingham.

I Love working for Autism Matters because I can see how the members grow in both confidence and independence. I have supported some of our members in the past and it is amazing to see the journey they have come on so far. For me, Autism Matters fills a spot that no other job could, leaving a sense of pride, joy and achievement for everyone on the team and our members. I thoroughly enjoy trying new and exciting things with our members and staff and it makes the job worth while when our members go home with a smile on their face!

Likes: Spending time with friends and family, sunshine, getting my nails done

Dislikes: Rain, Traffic and Road works, peas.


Jonny | Support Worker

I’m Jonny, I have worked at a Special School for students with autism since 2011 and I have recently joined Autism Matters. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my job, especially building friendly and professional relationships with colleagues, students and young adults. I am very active, outgoing and sporty, and always up for a laugh! I am willing to try new things and will always give everything a go. I also enjoy watching most sports especially football and formula 1. I have a young son who I enjoy taking to soft play, and the park where I teach him to play football.

Likes: Socialising and days out with family and friends, sports, parmos

Dislikes: All vegetables, spicy food, early mornings


Lynn | PA

Hi, I’m Lynn, I've been working for Autism Matters as a personal support worker since May 2016. I'm really enjoying working with Alex. Whilst we're out and about delivering eggs for his 'business', we have some great chats about life, celebrities & films.... every day has a new topic! I find it very rewarding that I'm helping him to be more independent.

Likes: Reading a good book, glass of red/white wine

Dislikes: Cold weather


Leanne | Support Worker

Hi I'm Leanne I am married with two children a girl and a boy, I am fun, hardworking and have crazy big hair. I used to work for an after school club for children on the autistic spectrum so I have had the privilege of seeing some of our group members grow into the fantastic young adults they are today. I have seen how creating safe and diverse social environments have allowed our group members to learn and develop their social skills. It has been fantastic to witness some lovely, genuine friendships between members I wouldn't change my job for the world.

Likes: Family and friends, shopping

Dislikes: Early mornings