How do I get a PA?

You can contact us on the contact us page, call or email us.
We usually arrange a virtual home visit with you ,to discuss you joining and give you more details about us.

How can I make a referral for someone I support?

If you contact us via email you can refer your son/daughter or client.
Please make sure you have their permission to do so.

How much does it cost?

We charge an hourly rate, and also charge for mileage. Our current rates are £15.49 an hour.

Are staff and volunteers criminal records checked?

All our staff have an enhanced DBS.

What do you mean by outcome based support?

We believe the best support has a focus, we are passionate about helping people to achieve their potential in life. We take a baseline assessment using “Outcome Star tools” we then look at what has worked for you in the past, and what has not worked. We then plan together support that works for you, with targets to achieve. Measuring outcomes is an interactive experience with you, us and another person you trust to be involved.

Is transport included?

Depending on what your assessed needs are, we can include transport if necessary, we charge for mileage. We also can do travel training with you, helping you explore other options for transport in the community.

What sort of things do you support with?

We provide community support tailored to your needs, and recruit people to work with you who are matched to those needs. So if it’s self employment, finding work or volunteering, life skills, managing money, developing social skills, etc we will support and guide you to achieve those goals.

Who employs the PA’s?

We recruit and employ the PA’s, any HR issues are dealt with by us. Our PA’s will use the outcome based plans to support you.

Will it always be the same person supporting me?

All our PA’s are entitled to holidays and time off, at these times we will do our best to provide you with someone previously agreed with you, who you know and are happy with.

“I run an egg delivery project with my PA, its great, I love chatting to all my customers”-Alex