Thrive not Survive

By Admin - Autism Matters News

Here at AM HQ we are upping our game! Ok, we know there’s a global pandemic out there. But we cannot sit back and just let years of work go down the drain. Our members deserve so much more than that.

We intend to Thrive, not just survive!

2020 was a tough year for everyone, and we have seen some amazing charities and businesses go under. So our aim was to pivot our services, and get our ideas and support online.

We got our building ready to support our members 1:1, and our Autism Angels thrived on the challenge of renovating it. Our support groups have helped our members through tough times, as we’ve delivered courses on overcoming anxiety, being more independent and understanding relationships.

This year, you will see all our courses go online, we will launch a new podcast and open up an online shop. Autism Matters to us.

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